Mile by Mile, Photo by Photo

We are about halfway through our long trek back to the South. In the past few days, we have gazed at the Grand Canyon, ogled the Painted Desert, and backtracked through the Petrified Forest National Park. All this was done with cat and dog in tow. Traveling with pets isn’t something that is new to us. We made the move to California with both Sid and Bird last September and I grew up with road trips always including the slew of rescue pets my family acquired. But this trip has been different somehow.



Maybe it is because we finally figured out the right harness for Sid so he will not go tearing through a hotel parking lot in Colorado. Or it might be the Prius is not stuffed to the brim with our worldly belongings, forcing Sid, Bird, and whoever is stuck in the passenger seat to share the same three square foot space. (I’m thinking a combination of the two might be a significant factor).

Whatever the cause, the scenery has been beautiful and the kids cooperative, so I have had a chance to dabble more in travel photography. Luke gifted me a beautiful Pentax K1000 for Christmas last year, but I have been relying heavily on digital means for instant gratification this trip. While some people argue for either camp of photography being superior, I use what I have ready access to, choosing instead to focus on the process of trying to have the photo encompass the details that caught my eye in the first place.

As we have moved east, even Luke has gotten in on the photo action. We love having something else to share and discuss, even if it is how only one photo of twenty looks close to what we imagined. No matter what means or tools we use, we have fun. The hobby, and the positive emotions and bonds it creates, is what makes this trip special.


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