Let’s Elope

We also liked the whole picture taking aspect. Mainly for the suits.

After watching and experiencing Ashlyn and Luke O’s beautiful wedding in May, we realized that a large wedding was not for us. We were already a year into our engagement and so far had located a venue. We were excited to marry each other, but we were not excited to put in the work and stress of managing guest lists, catering menus, and the ever dreaded fittings.


A few days after #meettheOsbornes2016, Luke shared an article about eloping in Finland. We had joked about eloping before, but after paying down a deposit for a venue early on we felt obligated to have the larger wedding. But there was something in that article and family discussions we had at the Osborne wedding that finally pushed us over the edge.




So we cancelled our venue deposit and waited for what felt right.

Today, we took our next step in our lives and married quietly at the Old Mill in Little Rock. It was a venue Brittany’s dad suggested at the beginning of our engagement, but the 20 person limit on guests initially ruled it out. But now, well, now it was perfect.

To our friends and family, it was never our intention to change plans or make anyone feel excluded. We do sincerely apologize if this decision had that effect. We hope you can forgive us and support us in our happiness as we forge ahead in our relationship.

We will upload more photos to our gallery shortly! 

In the meantime, we have our first reservation as the Castille-Webb’s to go fill (that is so exciting to say!). Love and consensual kisses!

-Brittany and Luke Castille-Webb


*If any family members want hard copies of photos from the wedding, please let us know!


3 thoughts on “Let’s Elope

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  1. I am happy for you two! I hope that you have a long happy life together! Hopefully I can meet your new husband some time in the near future!

    The wedding looks like it the perfect ceremony for you.

    With love,


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