2017 Regular Session: HB 1222 and Our Public Schools

Last week, our mom/mother-in-law called and asked us “What do you know about House Bill 1222?” To be honest, at that point, we didn’t know much. It had just been filed (along with 99 different shell bills about retirement taxes and funds). Brittany knew the short title dealt with “Parental Empowerment”, but other than that... Continue Reading →


2017 Regular Session Update: The Future of Brit and Luke’s Arkansas General Assembly Series

It has been a while since our last post. I don’t think I have even uploaded an independent piece since November. I have, however, been pretty active on Instagram if anyone wants to see 23 different photos of Bird, Sid, and our newest furry resident, Watson.  I’ve also been keeping track of several bills flitting... Continue Reading →

2017 Regular Session AR Senate Bills: Round 1

As promised, I have begun tackling the new Arkansas General Assembly bills as they are being filed. In a slight deviation, I have found myself with a new partner-in-parsing, a companion-in-clarification, a...okay, so I found Luke. Given the inordinate amount of time we spend together and our background in picking at proposed bills, we decided to partner... Continue Reading →

A Brief Repose

Hello everyone, After last night, I am taking a short break from writing and social media. For those that have encouraged my writing and discussions in the past, I want to say thank you. I don’t know if I can fully express how much that means to me. When I say it keeps me going,... Continue Reading →

Thank you, JHS Drama

Tonight is opening night for Jonesboro High School Speech and Drama's production, EAT (It’s Not About Food). As someone who has been out of high school for five years now, it may seem a little odd for me to be posting about such an event. Off the top of my head, I can’t say if I... Continue Reading →

Onward and Southward

For the past month, I have been substitute teaching at an elementary school in Jonesboro. It has been a completely new experience that I never would have imagined delving into. My sister is the teacher, not me. But I have enjoyed it. It has helped demystify children and I now know Common Core math. Well,... Continue Reading →

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