Alive, Well, and Only Slightly Sunburned

While we are on vacation, Luke is still clocking in and working. As such, I find myself with odd amounts of time when he is occupied, and I am free to engage with some quality “me time”. In the past, that either meant reading one of my favorite mystery novels or napping. Usually, it was... Continue Reading →

I Have a Blog?!?

If I am being perfectly honest, I sort of forgot I had a blog. Last year, I made several half-hearted efforts at crafting a new post before being distracted with LSAT/law school prep, work, or sad attempts at getting an adequate amount of sleep. In the past year, Luke and I have moved to a... Continue Reading →

Death Threats on a Thursday

About a month ago, I added a contact section to my website. It helped facilitate continuing discussion on articles I published, but also made the home bar look complete. I know the latter is not the best reason to include something on a webpage, but when combined with the former it made sense enough. Ever... Continue Reading →

The Exposition of Expositions

I have been putting off blogging for a while. I have a tendency to speak what is on my mind and the repercussions can range anywhere from non-existent to catastrophic. What can I say, I like variety. Present reactions aside, blogging also makes me nervous in general. As someone from a generation that helped coin... Continue Reading →

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