Stanford University 101: How to be Tone Deaf

My sexual assault occurred on a street by a bookstore. When I talk about it, I never discuss if I was drinking that night. I do not tell people what I was wearing. I do not comment on my past sex life. I do not mention any of those things because they do not matter.... Continue Reading →

Dear Governor Hutchinson

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has surprised me throughout his term with some of his legislative decisions, in both positive and negative ways. Arkansas state Senator Jason Rapert, however, has stayed true to form and only ever surprises me when he is threatening someone with a weapon on Twitter. Today Senator Rapert shared a letter he received... Continue Reading →

My Body, My Beer, Their Double Standard

Yesterday, the CDC released a recommendation for sexually active women who don’t take contraception to not drink alcohol. This stems from a desire to reduce the number of babies being born with fetal alcohol syndrome. Fetal alcohol syndrome is certainly a detrimental problem and it is laudable that it is being addressed, but the way... Continue Reading →

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