2017 Regular Session: Update on HB 1222

Hello all, Normally, I discuss Arkansas General Assembly bills with Luke and we both offer our insight on the issue at hand. However, in light of the quick turnover of information, I am flying solo on this update. Last week, the House Education Committee voted Do Pass HB 1222, a voucher bill that stands to... Continue Reading →

2017 Regular Session: SB 25, Criminal Evicition, and Arkansas’s Backwards Exceptionalism

The irony in legislation and policy is not lost on us. We realize that is a broad statement- this week are particularly wanting to focus on the irony behind Arkansas’s relationship with criminal eviction laws. If you are a new reader, you may not be acquainted with the post Brittany wrote last March in regards... Continue Reading →

2017 Regular Session AR Senate Bills: Round 1

As promised, I have begun tackling the new Arkansas General Assembly bills as they are being filed. In a slight deviation, I have found myself with a new partner-in-parsing, a companion-in-clarification, a...okay, so I found Luke. Given the inordinate amount of time we spend together and our background in picking at proposed bills, we decided to partner... Continue Reading →

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